‚ÄčAs a socially responsible institution, the University of Groningen has set itself the goal of promoting sustainable development in every aspect of University operations. This includes sustainable development in teaching and research, as well as excelling in sustainable business operations. In addition, the University hopes to set an inspiring example, promoting sustainability in a transparent way and actively involving and facilitating students in sustainable activities.

This sustainable development will be achieved by working to establish an inspiring, healthy, sustainable environment in which staff and students can work, study and live.

The path towards a CO2-neutral university in 2020 will require huge efforts in terms of efficient energy consumption and increased energy production from renewable sources.

To realize this goal, the University established a Roadmap. One of the sub goals of this Roadmap is to aim for 100% sustainable purchasing, with consideration for working conditions and human rights.


Purchase 100% sustainable

To realize this goal, the iShop (University Shop) decided to purchase 100% sustainable products.

As was being mentioned, the products have to consist of sustainable materials but also the working conditions at the production side are taken into account. This means that all the products that are sold at the iShop contribute to the sub goal of 100% sustainable purchasing as well as making the University even more sustainable!